2018 Regionals Collection


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Misfit Performance Hoodie
The Jet Pant
The Jet Pant $89.00
MIS-FIT Shin Prints Sock
2018 Team Misfit Men's Regionals Tee
2018 Team Misfit Women's Regionals Tank
Misfit Icon Snapback
Men's Misfit Shield Tee
Tree Line Long Sleeve
Women's Misfit Shield Crop
Misfit HQ Camp - June 22-24th at Misfit Athletics HQ
Misfit Camp - August 24-26th at Derby City CrossFit
Misfit Camp - October 5 - 7th at OpenBox Athletics
Misfit Camp - November 16-18th at CrossFit 817
Misfit OG Short
On sale
Misfit OG Thermal
Misfit OG Thermal $19.00 $29.00
Men's STA Mark Tee
Women's STA Mark Tee
On sale
STA Dad Hat
STA Dad Hat $19.00 $30.00
On sale
Team Misfit Tee
Team Misfit Tee $19.00 $29.00
On sale
Team Misfit Tank
Team Misfit Tank $19.00 $29.00
On sale
Misfit Patch Beanie
Misfit Patch Beanie $19.00 $30.00
Misfit Patch Trucker Hat
On sale
Misfit Cascade Headband
Misfit Cascade Headband $10.00 $16.00
Misfit Athletics Flag
The Mountaineer Mug
Misfit Mark 2.0 Tee
Misfit Mark 2.0 Tank

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