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Misfit Elements Jogger

  • Misfit Elements Jogger

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Misfit Elements Jogger


Sweatpants get a bad rap. They say to the world. "I’ve given up, I don’t need to wear real pants.” Joggers, on the other hand, say to the world, “I’m an athlete and it’s too cold for shorts right now. My legs are precision machines and operate best when warm. Now stop asking stupid questions, I’ve got some training to do."

Product Details:

  • 4-way stretch cotton/spandex blend
  • 4 pockets, two side, and two rear
  • Drawstring for a precise fit
  • This product is unisex, women should size down

Size Chart:


 28 - 30"


30 - 32"


32 - 34"


36 - 40"